"SDC are refreshingly simple to work with"

About SDC

SD Consulting specialises in running projects that help organisations to achieve a wide range of interesting objectives, with a particular focus on supporting business growth. These projects take many forms and can range from a one-off event to drive customer or stakeholder engagement to a long term consultancy project that addresses the needs of a whole business community in a given area. At their heart though they all have an emphasis on supporting organisations to become better at doing something that is critical for their development.


We have over 10 years of experience of business development, bespoke business improvement training, client engagement events and research projects across the private and public sector. Within that we have developed some specialist skills around procurement and supply chains, working with SMEs and delivering business support projects.

We get most excited about creating new ideas that will make a difference to a business - be that a different way to market itself or an idea that acts as a catalyst for change. If that sounds like something that would get you excited too then please contact us now.

What you can expect from us

When you are working with SDC you can expect us to be open and honest at all times, to be reliable and trustworthy, to anticipate your needs and to be easy to work with. It is for this reason we delight our customers and give them a great service.


"Despite a very challenging brief SDC have made an immediate impact to our organisation." DPS Designs