SDC was started to meet a growing need for uncomplicated yet sophisticated business consultancy. For many the word consultancy or consultant  is associated with other words or phrases such as expensive, difficult to work with, 'works from home' in addition to other negative connotations. SDC was created to be the antidote to this. We pride ourselves in providing the very highest expertise in a straightforward, trustworthy way, based wherever you want us and we're even fun to work with!

Our absolute focus is on making a difference to your business in the way that YOU want it. We may challenge some ideas in a positive way but ultimately we are there to deliver a job for you that works for you. We bring ideas, creativity and experience whilst at the same time knowing when to knuckle down and 'get on with it'. We're just as happy strategising as getting our hands dirty and combined with our ability to truly work in partnership with you is why our clients kindly recommend us so highly.  

Profiles of our two Directors are below:

Sebastian Down, Managing Director

Sebastian has had an eclectic background in business, politics, engineering and marketing to develop a unique set of skills which are highly valued by clients. The themes that have unified his work to date have been a passion for innovation, a curiosity for knowledge and interest in other people’s businesses, a relentless determination to achieve goals, a forensic attention to detail and a passion for supporting others.

Within this he has developed some specific skills such as:

  • A high degree of commercial acumen, underpinned by extensive experience in sales and marketing and managing P&Ls
  • Working with managers and directors to unlock innovation within their organisation and act as a catalyst for this creativity
  • Business development, with a particular focus on writing compelling proposals and pitches and also public sector funding streams
  • Accurate analytical thinking around strategic and operational challenges being faced by businesses, in anticipating future potential opportunities to be leveraged, and in forecasting for risks to be mitigated against
  • Relationship management and influencing skills - both of internal and external stakeholders
  • Change management – helping to lead a positive view of change to help organisations to be effective and have happy people
  • Delivering projects internationally, having delivered projects in 14 different markets

When not working Sebastian can be found spending time with his family and friends, coaching rugby, baking, taking photos with a proper camera, trying to keep his Mandarin topped up and missing the time he used to have to see the world.

Fanzi Wang, Operations Director

Fanzi has honed her considerable skills at the sharp end of the retail industry. Having worked at different parts of the supply chain through her career she has developed a strategic and practical understanding of how to make a difference to businesses in retail and manufacturing

Having moved over from China to fend for herself some time back she has the benefit of having two totally different perspectives on the world to draw upon in a way that many find both refreshing and invaluable.

She has made a difference to businesses with some skill sets such as:

  • Understanding supply chains, where risk lies, how to mitigate against it and maximise potential
  • Negotiating the significant number of potential pitfalls of establishing new routes to market and operations abroad
  • Ethical sourcing and trading to ensure best practice is adopted and solutions are fit for purpose
  • Delivering against legal standards for product safety whilst at the same time not compromising on product innovation and design
  • Process innovation - ensuring that waste is designed out and that any new systems both make sense and are easily adopted

When not doing the above and more Fanzi loves cooking, painting, designing chocolate, renovating properties and being a mum.